"Turtle Rider" illustration by Julie Dillon

“The Ocean That Fades Into Sky” and other updates

First things first: my novelette “The Ocean That Fades Into Sky” went live on Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 108, on May 2nd! It was written for the beautiful Julie Dillon illustration above, of a regal black woman riding a flight of turtles through the sky. You can read it at the above link, as well as find links to the podcast version of the story and an interview with me about the writing process behind it (spoiler: it was tricky).

Charles Payseur has an excellent review of the fiction in Lightspeed Issue 108, so do check it out!

Also exciting: The Locus Awards Finalists have been announced, and two anthologies I’m in were nominated: The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2018, edited by N.K. Jemisin & John Joseph Adams (Mariner); and The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year, Volume Twelve, edited by Jonathan Strahan (Solaris US; Solaris UK).

Convention news: I sold books at OzCon in April (during Avengers: Endgame opening weekend, to be precise) with my friend the writer/illustrator Jennifer Stolzer, who is a marvel.

And finally, this weekend (May 24–27, 2019) I’m at WisCon43. If you see me, do come say hi, and also don’t judge me for being an awkward turtle; it’s not you, it’s me. 😉