Words With Women Book Fair

Book Signing: First Annual Words With Women Book Fair

My first ever book signing is tomorrow!

Twelve local St. Louis authors, of which I am one, will be selling and signing books of various genres and reading levels at the first annual Words With Women book fair event, tomorrow, December 8th, 2018, at Six North Cafe in Ballwin, Missouri.

First Annual Words With Women Book Fair Event 12-08-18, 2-4pm, Six North Cafe, Ballwin, Missouri
Words With Women flier

If you’re in town, do come say hi!

2017-2018 Roundup Post

Wow, 2017 was very kind to my work.

The Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia E. Butler anthology by Twelfth Planet Press was released, and to help generate publicity for it, my contribution, the essay “The Butler Effect”, was reprinted on OkayAfrica.com.

Short story “The Faerie Tree” and novelette “You Will Always Have Family: A Triptych” were also published, in Lightspeed and Nightmare magazines, respectively. “The Faerie Tree” then appeared on Lightspeed’s most excellent podcast, and was featured via Lightspeed Presents on iO9. They were given kind reviews and seemed well-received.

In 2018, a number of awesome things happened as a result of those publications:

So, uh, yeah. Writing-wise, 2018 was a very good year, and while I didn’t anticipate any of it, it’s thrilling that it happened, and I’m supremely grateful to all the readers and editors and awards committees who made it happen.

Attending conventions this year (WisCon, ReaderCon, and Archon) was especially cool, since I got to meet people whose work I love who’d also enjoyed my stuff. Someday I hope to be less of an awkward turtle when this happens, but I think it’s okay, seeing as I’m a writer and we’re generally a strange but friendly bunch?

Speaking of which: the speculative fiction community is full of awesome people who do awesome work, and are kind and supportive, and seek to foster community and help ease the way for up-and-coming authors in the industry. For anyone considering dipping your toes into the speculative fiction pool, know there is a community waiting for you: one that wants you to succeed, needs to hear your voice, and eagerly anticipates reading the truth of your unique experiences, albeit told slant.

Your stories are worth telling. Don’t keep us waiting.